Third Child Syndrome

Learning to blow bubbles.

Shea knows she’s cute. I see her working Reilly and Kate to her advantage at two. Perhaps when she is a little older they will say “no” to her. But, for now, she’s milking it. She’s got Shad wrapped around her little finger and if I do say so myself she is pretty darn cute. I love her personality, I love her little voice, I love her mispronounciations of words and I just love the way she takes charge of what she wants and finds a way to get it. Come to think of it I just fully appreciate that I have a true “mini me”! šŸ™‚

She sits in the back of the car and says “Yah Babeh” and then gives a full-on belly laugh. Her laugh is so contagious she can get everyone in the car laughing in just seconds. Of course this support of her makes her continue on.

Another anecdote of her these days is blaming Kaya for everything. Kaya bit her once a while ago and because it broke the skin we paid a lot of attention to it. When it healed she did her usual “look my bawdy healed my boo boo, thank you bawdy”. Today she came in with a straight scratch on her leg, clearly from a stick or a pricker bush. She sat on my lap and said “look at my boo boo” I said, “oooh, what happened” her response was “Kaya bit me” and her bottom lip protruded. I figure if she’s working the system now the teen years are going to be a BLAST. Ahhhhh… not.


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