Age Spots

I think I’m getting age spots, or new freckles, or something. I have this one on my neck that Kate happened to notice the other day as she was rubbing my cheek and neck trying to get my attention. I felt her go over it a couple times with her tiny soft little hands, the spot is slightly raised. I then felt her investigating with her eyes as to what she was feeling with her hands. After a few seconds she says:

“I like your tit.”

Ummmm, what?

“I like your tit.”

Oh, what’s a tit?

“That thing on your neck. It’s a tit, I like it.”

How did you learn that was called a tit?

“I just know it is.”

Oh, okay, well I don’t think most people would use that word, they might call it a freckle.

“No…. it’s a tit….. really.”


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