Girls Night Out

What does a 40 year old woman like to do for “Girls Night Out?”




talk about anything but children?

only talk about children?

NOPE… ice hockey. That’s right ice hockey. Molly and I meet up at 8:30 for a 9:30pm ice time with 15-20 other women. Many of them borrow their kids equipment because it got inherited by the kids over the years. Tonight, it was so obvious to me that everyone needed a break from the kids because there were no lights, that’s right ice hockey with no lights and everyone wanted to play anyway.

We skated for an hour, Molly and I got in the habit last summer of following ice time with a run but it didn’t seem that appealing tonight. I think between the dark and having not played since last June we were pretty pooped. We did, however, follow tradition and splurge at the Blue Canoe afterward. I love my chick time!

The only problem is, it’s after midnight and I’m wide awake.


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