Wizard of Oz

Reilly is participating in the Riverbend Youth Company’s production of the Wizard of Oz. They take kids starting in first grade. Reilly is a Munchkin and has been working on his songs and dances for the past several weeks. We watched the original movie a few weeks ago and the kids got to see the real “munchkins” – they thought it was a great movie and each had their own favorite part.

Flash Forward to tonight:

“Mom, all munchkins are fat, Reilly isn’t fat”

Oh, I’m sure not all the munchkins were fat.

“Yes, they were. How can we make Reilly fat for his play? He needs to be fat?”

<30 seconds elapsed>

“I KNOW…. let’s buy him a FAT costume! He can wear it under his costume. Then he’ll be fat. It will be perfect.”


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