Foley Artists

Tonight I had an audio experience that not even a foley artist could re-create.

We were out to dinner with the kids and another family. I was sitting next to Shea who was in a high chair. At one point I looked over and she was in a squat on her chair so I pleasantly said, “Shea can you sit on your bum?” and she said “No, I can’t I gotta poop in dare.” Knowing that we were getting ready to leave I said okay and that I would change her in a minute, she didn’t have a problem with that. (SIDE NOTE: Third child which means I am not even sure there is a diaper in the car, much less a package of wipes. I definitely didn’t bring the traditional diaper bag in the restaurant with me, then again, I’m not even sure we have one still.)

As we got to the van I did indeed find a diaper and a couple wipes. I opened the tailgate and put Shea on the little homemade shelf in the back. I unfastened her diaper and started to slowly open it up wondering if in fact there would be a poop. I obviously put too  much thought and effort into this because before I knew it this HUGE poop in the shape of a pyramid rolled out of the diaper and made a THUD on the back bumper. As I stood there with Shea’s legs up in the air the remainder of the diaper slid out from underneath her and rolled under the homemade shelf. As my friend Monica walked toward me I said “you have got to see THIS!” We laughed hysterically as the mound of poo took on it’s own life on the back bumper. The solid yet, malleable sounding thud was certainly memorable. If it had not been dark I would have taken a photo to document this event. Oh, and if I wasn’t flying solo with the kids this weekend I would have had Shad to share it with. Hmmmm, then again, knowing Shad, if he were here he would have been the one changing the “gift” and it wouldn’t have happened at all.


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