Yes, I was a HUGE follower of LOST and I’m bummed it has come to an end.

Shad and I “attach” to one show a season and LOST has been it for the last five years. We spent a couple of the seasons watching with our friends Ali and Chris until they moved to Colorado. Those seasons, were definitely the most fun because of the brainstorming and Lostpedia research side of it all.

We spent so much time looking up the Dharma initiative, researching fake ad campaigns with the woman walking across my computer screen, filling out job applications for organ donation, looking up Henry Gale and learning about him as an inspiration and SO much more. It was truly an interactive show at a much deeper level than the weekly shoot ’em up experience.

I could write so much more about it and my theories on “the end” or I could tell you about how I followed Boone when he filmed The Sensation of Sight two towns over and went to the premier just so I could see him in person. Oh man, so much to say… but so much that is oversaid. (like that word?) But, in summary I felt totally satisfied with the “closure” even though some of my favorites were not at “church” in the end. I appreciated how many faiths were represented in the stain glass window and I appreciated how happy they all were to see one another once again. It was worth the thought provoking hours I gave to it over the last several years which the same does not hold true for other tv series.


One thought on “LOST

  1. I think we may have some (3 seasons-worth of) catching up to do. (I miss LOSTpedia!) Want to come out to Colorado to watch the last season together via DVR? We’ll have to find another cult show to follow together once we move back!

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