Red Light Green Light

We are into playing games in the car these days. Typically we play Punchbug with NO hitting and Mini punch. (to add in my favorite car, the Mini Cooper) We might play “I Spy with my little blue eye” but that often comes up as an option at night and that makes it a bit limiting and the last one we play is the “Who am I?” game where you can ask yes/no questions.

As I drove home with the girls the other night Kate said “Can we play Red Light, Green Light?” I said I’m not sure how to play that while driving. “Oh, well, it’s really easy, I’ll tell you how to play.” (NOTE here, there is one stop light on the road to our house from my Mom’s)

Well, you drive and drive and drive. And, then, if you see a stop light, if it’s red you STOP and if it’s green you keep GOING.

Oh, sure. We can play that game.

Great, it is going to be so fun!

<I’m speechless on this one>


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