Amherst Lacrosse

Amherst Lacrosse League
Kate learns how to play lacrosse

I signed Kate and Reilly up for the Amherst Lacrosse program. It’s really focused learning how to play catch and cradle the ball which is just perfect for the two of them. They each needed a stick, mouthpiece and protective eye wear. Kate, naturally, needed a pink stick. Thankfully we found it at SportsAuthority and it was in my price range (the cheapest you could get) and Reilly picked out a blue one with a cool logo on the shaft. They were excited to start. Reilly because he got to accessorize and Kate because she got to do something with Reilly.

We are on our third week and Kate is totally into it. She is telling me that she needs to practice at home because that’s what the coach said. Reilly, well, he is athletic in nature but he’s interested in comparisons and learning what the other little boys do for school and sports in his group. He seems to be a little bit of a “one-upper”.

Getting some help - Amherst Lacrosse
Watching the ball as it hits the target.

They have young and older coaches teaching the kids. Fundamentally I think it will be a great program for both of them.


2 thoughts on “Amherst Lacrosse

  1. As a Lax Mom…I’m sure you’re 2 are going to love it. Just wait until Reilly gets to start playing with contact. Then it really gets interesting.

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