Full Moon

We were heading home last night as the moon was rising in the sky. It was a full moon but passing by a series of clouds on it’s way up into the night sky. I told the kids to look out the window and watch it. We frequently make things out of the clouds during the day time – I told them I thought it looked like a flashlight behind some trees. Reilly agreed and Kate said:

Is it stuck?

Shad and I thought that was the cutest thing.

The conversation turned into the sun and the moon and how the sun reflects off the moon. Reilly was doing his best to understand but was having a tough time with it. Kate tried to explain it to him, taking into consideration NOTHING of what we had just explained and said:

The moon is actually the sun without all it’s parts on it.

She was pretty confident it was the same as the sun but without all the rays she draws in all her illustrations. Again, Shad and I thought that was pretty cute. Although, I’m fairly certain she still thinks she’s correct. 🙂

I remember as a kid driving on road trips with the family (before the world of DVD players) and being convinced that the moon actually followed me the whole time. I felt some security in knowing that it was lighting our way and keeping an eye on us.


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