Ballet Class

Tiny dancer
Ballet Class

I went to Kate’s dry run of her dance recital today. She looked absolutely adorable, aside from her bun – which is clearly not my specialty. It’s interesting to me watching Kate get nervous in front of a crowd. I know I always did unless I had a ball at my feet, in my hands or I was chasing it. Otherwise to be up in front of people made me want to hurl – come to think of it, it still does. Anyway, I noticed with her she started grabbing onto her shoulders and her scratching her back – she’s becoming more self aware. I am curious if that’s because of her much more intense time with her peers this past year – three full-days a week, it’s an age thing, or if it’s something she thinks more about or what. I think it’s Shads and my job to continue to reinforce how well she is doing so she does feel confident in herself whether it be on the stage at a dance recital, making choices, socializing or whatever is heading her way. It’s an awesome thing to watch a child grow and evolve and mature, it gives a clearer picture to understanding oneself as well. Anyway, I could go on but, I won’t. She is still my beautiful little girl that amazes me in some way every single day.


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