Proud Kate

The grand entrance
Kate's on her way to center stage with her class

All I can talk about lately is ballet, have you gotten that? Well, this should be the last post for a while. It’s over now till next year – at least in our house. Kate had a blast at her recital and Kathy Blake Studio runs like a machine. It was like 24 dances, 2 hours and kicked out the back door so the next show can start. Kate got on stage, focused hard, did her dance and was as happy and as proud as I have ever seen her. I have to admit, I’m not a ballet or dance fan – primarily because I never did it. I like watching people who are good at it but all my unsupportive thoughts end when I see Kate on stage. She is just so beautiful and so into it that it makes me cry because I’m so proud of her. It reminds me how much I adore her  and love that she loves what she is doing.


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