Single Parents

I give so much credit to single parents. Shad has been away for a few days, Nicole and Kaya are away, Caitlin has been sick so the kids have had little to no continuity over the course of the week. I have forgone all but one of my “activities” due to the craziness of work, life, and overall upkeep of home. I have loved being with the kids and I think we have done a bunch of fun things from the fireworks up North, to oil changes, car washes, watering the flowers, going to the movies (Toy Story 3 – and yes, I did cry at the end BUT Kate sobbed in the middle and Reilly cried 2/3’s of the way in), out to dinner, playing games, going swimming, tennis lessons – well now that I write this down maybe that was too much? Perhaps this would have been the time to cave and say, “just watch some tv and chillax” – I knew Shad would never have done that though. All this on top of an incredible heat wave. It’s been a lot. Wow, has it been a lot. And this isn’t really a complaint but more of an acknowledgement and admiration to those parents that fly solo often, if not all the time. Wow, I tip my hat to you because it is tough tough work to do everything on your own.

I’m so happy to be picking up Shad tomorrow and can not wait to wrap my arms around him, give him the kids and drive far far away! JUST kidding! I just can’t wait to see him and I know the kids are beyond excited.


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