Letters Make Stories

I have loved watching Reilly learn how to write, spell, sound out words, read and more. I didn’t, however, think about how reading changes your life. He clearly sees the world in a different way now. He can navigate in a new way. We were headed to the Apple store at the Pheasant Lane Mall the other day. As we walked in Reilly noticed a sign on an outside door and said “Macy’s has relocated to the other side of the mall”. It was so cute, he was able to see things in a new way and I never really considered how a child looks at all this jargon all over the place but it is meaningless to them. It doesn’t give direction, at one stage it’s a color, at another it’s letters, then it’s a word, then it’s information that helps you make a decision. It’s funny… it’s enlightening, it’s innocent. I appreciate that I have the opportunity to look through a child’s eyes at the world that I see in a tainted way, specifically our child.


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