Striking Night

Ever have one of those experiences that is so surreal, yet perfect, that you wonder what the significance is? We went to dinner at my parents on Saturday night. Since I hurt my knee I just plopped in a chair and my mom was doing everything herself. She was cooking the dinner, making a kids dinner, listening to the kids whine (which is constant these days – it’s pretty trying on the nerves), setting the table and of course trying to participate in the conversation. I was sitting next to my Dad and we were just chatting away. The conversation was good… just more about what’s going on, new things, how kids are like their mother (this wan’t a compliment tho…:-) ) We had dinner, chatted, the kids stay away for the most part which is really a goal of my Moms. (adult time) After dinner, we continued chatting and then a few things happened that struck me. Shea, who doesn’t really take no for an answer sat on Granpa’s lap and made him read a book to her. She asked questions, turned pages, and totally interacted with him. I don’t recall this happening with any of the other grandkids at least in such a natural way. We chatted about x-girlfriends and I heard a name and a story about an x-girlfriend that I had never heard of before. Her name was “Merrily” which was inspired by Shea who was singing Row Row Row your boat. Dad got up to get something and Shea simultaneously needed a hair clip according to my Mom. Who had to help her find one? Yep, my Dad. Totally funny. I don’t think he would really know a hair thing if it jumped out at him. But together they looked in my Mom’s dresser (instead of the bathroom). Listening to the two of them discuss it was hysterical. Eventually they found it.

We sat for another hour or so and chatted. We covered health, life insurance, apple stock, retirement and more. All conversations that don’t usually happen. Why it struck me I’m not sure but it did. I had time to think about it… just how good the whole night felt was cool enough.

Then Sunday came. Dave called me and said Dad’s blood pressure was low. He said he would call back and now he’s not answering the phone. I tried to track him down w/out success. I called my Mom who was golfing. I told her his pressure was low and he wasn’t answering the phone. She hung up quickly and said she was heading right home. I gave her about 10 minutes and called back. She answered, but unknowingly. I could hear her yelling. The phone disconnected. I called back and Mom said “the ambulance is on it’s way”. I panicked on the inside. Thank goodness Monica and Shawn were close they came right over and watched the kids so Shad and I could zip over to the hospital together. All I could think of on the way over was why the night was so good and was there really a significance. Oh, man, did I worry. Shad was quiet the whole way, I’m not sure what was going through his head. I was so consumed in my thoughts about it all I had a pit in my stomach. When we finally got to the house, the ambulance was still sitting in the driveway – that’s 20 minutes at least. It made me worry again. I went right over to the driver and he rolled down his window – “he’s okay” he said. I wanted to see for myself because my head had gone to a different place. I went around the house and he wasn’t there. He had been sitting in the ambulance. My Mom was walking around waiting for them to leave so she could go too. She started telling me what she saw when she walked in. I saw signs of him working on his insulin and empty cups of juice around the kitchen. He had been sitting there when my Mom came in. We followed the ambulance up to the hospital and I was allowed in his room about twenty minutes later. It was so good to see him…. so good. I have to say between his heart last week and the surgery on Friday (which I didn’t write about) and this I got scared. I’m just so glad he’s okay.


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