National Dirt Company

Reilly wants to start a company, the National Dirt Company. At his company he will sell the pile of dirt he has created at his “play house” and all the rocks he has built his rock wall with. In addition he wants to have a supply store where people can rent cool tractors to dig up their dirt to donate to his business. He is tossing around other names and what he can sell but he’s already considered his channels. He thinks he can sell through Shad and me. He wants to bike around the neighborhood and Shad and I will go talk to people to see if they want to buy from him. Hmmmm, I’m already seeing a lot of work for me in this new company of his.

He confirmed that he is not too young to start a company, how he would name it, how he would sell it and that he wants it to be the National Dirt Company so he can sell dirt all over the world.


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