Swimmers Ear?

Cunningham Pond
Do the goggles help?

We took the kids to Cunningham Pond to play the other day. They had a great time. With a summer full of swim lessons it was so fun to see them “swimming” outside of a pool. Kate and Reilly have both become fish which is a blast. Shea, well, she is so much farther along with her desire to swim than the other two were at 2 years old. She loves it but also loves the comfort of Shad or I being close. Don’t touch… but stay and arms length away, okay?

I rode my bike home and met the kids at the house. When I got there Kate came running out in her princess nightgown proud to tell me she was the first one to finish her dinner. It was one of those nights that brought back a physical feeling for me. I remember being a kid and spending all day on the beach at Ossipee Lake, having dinner and getting ready for bed. It was the first time all day I had dry clothes on and it was so cozy. I could see that Kate was experiencing the same thing. We were chit chatting and cleaning out the towels from the car when Kate said one of those things that I had to laugh about, she shook her head and said

I have water in my head, I can hear it but it won’t come out.

I totally remember that feeling, do you? I think I probably replied the same way my Mother did….

Which side is it on? (she pointed to the right) When you go to bed tonight, have that side of your head on your pillow. It will drain out while you sleep.

The answer satisfied her and in the morning she came to me and said it was gone and that she couldn’t hear it anymore.


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