New Ride

Giant TCR W 2
Giant TCR W 2

I love my new bike. I love my new wheels. Timing is impeccable given it’s really the only thing I can do (besides swim) because of my knee. I keep, foolishly, thinking my knee is better and then I turn a corner to quickly and the pain sends me to the floor. I don’t know what it is but I am kinda hoping it heals on it’s own and I am back muckin around on the soccer field soon. It cramps my style right now. We have our vacation next week that the kids don’t know about which I expect is going to include a LOT of walking, a triathlon in 3 weeks, a wedding to shoot and a marathon in October. Since I need to prioritize I’m going to go with vacation and shooting wedding. I am hopeful that I can swim and ride in the tri, but we’ll see. I have to be at the brides house around 11:30am so it’s squeezing a lot into one day. Perhaps I’m being too ambitious? I’ll let you know on the 22nd.


2 thoughts on “New Ride

  1. Ok missy, a photo job and a triathlon in one day? I vote that’s too much.

    I just did my first half IM and my left knee is mad at me. This is the first time it’s really hurt and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that time heals whatever is going on.

    Sorry to hear your knees are mad too but I do LOVE your bike! You look speedy!

    1. Hey KB… I know I did bite off more than I could chew with the tri and the wedding but hey… the egg came before the chicken in that one!
      Congrats on you IM!!!! So exciting!!! Be sure to rest so the knee feels “well” before you tackle anything else major.

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