“Worst Life Ever”

Reilly has been saying “DANG IT” a lot with intonation that makes him sound like he really wants to say “DAMN IT” and he’s been saying “What the…..” and you can fill in the blank there. He doesn’t fill it in, he stops at “the” but in our house we don’t call people names (those that know me know that this is a double standard tho b/c wingnut and goofball come out of my mouth often) – and we don’t say things like that either. So, since it’s been so much a part of his language and word choice we decided to start charging Reilly when he uses these words. He needs to pay a dime every time he says something like that. The beauty is he is a self-policer. He owes .40 today and he’s furious. oops now it’s .50 he said it again… LOL

So, he just walks into my office and tells Shad and me:

“Mom is making me have the worst life I have ever had”.

Wow, I’m feeling LOVED right about now. I bet you he forgets when we take them all on the plane to Florida on Sunday. But, glad I could contribute to the worst life he’s ever had. Man, like I said before I am F – U – N….. FUN!


One thought on ““Worst Life Ever”

  1. Man….only a dime…Harry’s mouth got out of control a few years ago (and he really did say the words after the ….)….I charged him a buck and an “F bomb” was $5. That definitely slowed it up…although as he’s approaching middle school I’m seeing an uptick, so the “Swear Jar” might have to come back out.

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