Spilled Milk

Today I am on a tight schedule. I have so much to do this morning to get ready for my presentation including driving more than two hours away to get to the conference. I got everyone up early, set them up with breakfast and ran Reilly to the bus stop. On my way back I see Kate at the top of the driveway

“Mom Shea spilled her bowl of cereal everywhere.”

“Okay…. (thoughts processing) Did you help her clean it up?”

“No, I thought I would come tell you.” and “Shea is watching it.”

“What do you mean”

“Shea is watching it go on the hardwood floor and the carpet, it’s dripping down from the table”

“Don’t you think you should have grabbed a towel?”

“No, I thought I should come and tell you” “and… I…. didn’t want to clean it up.”



3 thoughts on “Spilled Milk

  1. Mother =
    Queen of Multitasking
    Super Hero of Getting More Done than Anyone
    Go to Person When you REALLY want something done

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