New Dress

I bought this new dress. It’s…. snug… but cute snug I think. Then again I don’t own a full length mirror so that’s just from a waist up perspective and a looking down perspective. Anyway, I think it’s got potential. I went to hang it up today in my closet but decided to get another opinion. I tried it on (w/out underwear to avoid lines for now) and walked into Reilly’s bedroom where he and Shad were hanging out.

“How do you think this looks? I haven’t decided yet.” To my surprise Shad said he liked it. (note: he typically says “Well, what do you think?” “Do you like it?”) And depending on my answers he weighs in. I was a little surprised and was happily ready to leave when Reilly started to speak. It was a stammering

“Well, I’m not sure.” Uh oh… 8 year old children, specifically the oldest and boy are brutally honest. (at least in my house)I don’t know if I like it.

What don’t you like?

Well, ummm… sometimes things like that don’t… ummm…. look good on some people.

What do you mean? What part don’t you like? (this is Shad speaking, a little tentative unsure if my feelings were being or were about to be hurt.)

Well, sometimes things don’t look right with people’s hair or face. I don’t think that looks good with your hair or face.

ME: Okay, that’s great feedback Reilly. Thank you.

Well, I mean it looks okay if you have a reason to wear it or you are going somewhere but not like to soccer or the store or something.

Shad: I think Mom might want it for work.

Oh, I think it’s fine for you to wear to work. I like it then.

Me: Okay thanks guys, I think I’ll keep it.

I had to give him credit. I’m glad he shared, somewhat confidently, what he was thinking. He’s very candid which is nice. Although I have to disclaim that I wasn’t sensitive at all today I was just in a sure, whatever mood. I’m thinking I’m becoming more resilient thanks to the weekly inquiries from the girls on whether or not I have a baby in my belly because it sure looks like I do.  <grin>


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