Miss Eva Beadle

Kate has become Miss Beadle. For those of you who are unfamiliar you might want to brush up on your Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Now that she is in Kindergarten she can think of nothing better to do than teach us all. She loves school, she loves writing, drawing, cutting out things and more. I recently read in a fiction book that when children do these things – it’s really “from the heart”. I fully appreciated reading that. It truly is. I often get frustrated that we go through a ream of construction paper in a week but since I read that statement I have changed the way I think about the fifty drawings, scribbles, nonsensical lettersets on paper that I get daily. Today I actually got a heart cut out of black construction paper that said:








I still have it and here is the other one that accompanied it.

Betsy Hansen
Love Letters in September

Her mind is very active in a very different way than Reilly’s. She is on the cusp on learning to spell and read. I can see it.

We were in the car the other day and she blurted out “MOM, I went to school with a boy name AJ last year. His name is really short.”

I wonder how soon she will be reading books to me at bed time.


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