Time for a Change


Garnet Hill
Garnet Hill - Happy Time!


A few weeks ago I gave a general session at a direct marketing coop conference in Vermont. I was originally contacted by the VP of Customer Service at Garnet Hill. One of her team members had heard me speak at the VT/NH Marketing Group back in June. As a result of my giving the general session I learned a whole lot more about some companies in the Northeast, specifically Garnet Hill. I am now following them on Facebook and was turned onto a sale they were running at their outlet in Franconia. I thought what better reason to arrange a chick shopping trip. The deal was $25.00 to get in, shop for one hour, the more you buy the more you save. The proceeds and ticket would go to the Franconia Children’s Shelter. That all sounded good to me. We rallied and drove the 2+ hours to Franconia and shopped. I was very excited for find the bedding I had wanted.

The following Monday, I washed and changed the sheets and changed the duvet cover. This pattern was perfect with my newly painted walls and happy. Who doesn’t want a happy pattern when the sun sets earlier and the days get shorter. Bright and happy bedrooms are a fine alternative for the temporary change in light.

After having my room all set Shea came in, and we discussed it:

Mommy, you got a new bed?

Yes, I did.


Oh, I thought it was a nice time for a change.

I like your new bed.

Thank you.

Where is your old bed?

(pointing to the duvet cover on the floor)

Shea looked at me – picked up part of the pile of material and said “Oh, did you pee on it?”



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