Greedy Cupcake

Betsy Hansen Photography
Halloween Fun

Halloween has come and gone but the candy still remains. I like to “buy back” all but ten pieces from the kids. It’s my attempt to feel like I’m helping them out and being a good Mom so they don’t eat all that crap but the truth of the matter is, we put it in a bag and tuck it away. Sounds good so far, right? Ahhhh, not so much, remember I work from home… just feet from my fridge which means just a few more feet from the best candy hiding spots in the house. I had not eaten much candy over the late spring, summer and even fall – until now. Man, talk about recovery. Talk about making up for lost time. Did you know I love anything with caramel? Oh, and Tootsie Rolls? Hence the reason I just took the dog on a 40 minute walk at 11:30pm in the pouring freezing rain.

So, my little Cupcake Shea (no, it’s not a pet name, refer to the photo, she’s actually dressed as a cupcake) has actually learned some bad habits of mine. We would get to a door, ring the bell, she would hold out her bag and say “Trick or Treat” or “Hello” and the generous person who answered the door would tell her she was cute and hand her a piece of candy. Sounds about normal, right? Ahhhh, not so much. As they handed her the candy she let them know if she approved of what they gave her or not. On more than one occasion Shea was in tears because she wanted something else from her bowl. If that were Reilly carrying on like that, we would have put a stop to it pretty quickly; Kate, some effort to correct it; Shea, nah, just write it off to a spoiled third child and tune her out while apologizing to the generous person at the door. It was totally annoying to me on one level that she behaved as such and on the other level, I laughed and didn’t really care.

Either way, Trick or Treating was fun. We had friends over and John and Kasey. My Mom helped me hand out candy and it was overall just a pretty good time. 🙂 (even though I’m about five pounds heavier now)


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