What is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me …

Betsy Hansen
Way of the Peaceful Warrior?

Not to compare dogs with humans but… it seems I should in this case, if even just to satisfy my need to put it out there.

Adopting this dog is a little bit like having a second child. When Kate came into the house I overcompensated to tell Reilly he was still great and it was still okay; I still loved him. Then for Kate, aside from feedings I think I made sure that Reilly was happy first. (I’m probably telling myself this now, the truth is probably that I came down on Reilly if he made choices I didn’t like. But again, this analogy was to humor ME so if what is unfolding here is other than the truth, think of it as prose. <grin/>) So anyway, now that Menlo is part of our home I find myself doting on Nandi and making sure she is comfortable and happy first. I think she’s pissed. She looks at me like “seriously??? please tell me this was a bad dream. I have spent the last decade sharing my love with you and now you are going to share your love with that little thing? That same little thing that wants to share my water bowl, my food and now (as you can see) MY BED? And, I thought you loved me.”  So I naturally respond with one of those tones that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and words like “Oh, Nandi, you such a good dog. Yes, you are. Such a good dog. A doobie doobie doobie dooo….” Well, you know what I mean especially if you have children and have been in the store when the grandparent feels the need to touch your child and talk as though you child understands. ANYWAYS, I digress. Nandi and Menlo had a go around tonight. Nandi just kept putting her paw on top of Menlo. Menlo, trying to find her place kept trying to hump poor Nandi. Nandi finally got up and followed her around like they were in a boxing ring. It was a conversation. And, probably a bit more of ultimate fighting than a boxing match. A little growling. A little teeth exposure and some barking. I think they made progress because Menlo thought it would be good to clean Nandi’s ears. (which I must note was followed by a mounting of Nandi’s face) The night did end with the image above.

NOTE: Nandi went to the groomers today. I am wondering if she wishes I left her this time….. 😦 It makes me feel bad for wrecking her world just as I felt bad for wrecking Reilly’s. Although he likely wouldn’t have it any other way so it’s all good … for now.


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