Right from Left

We had all of our parent teacher conferences this week. Reilly’s was last night and both the girls were tonight. At Kate’s we spent sometime discussing Kate’s inability to confidently know her left from right. It was a light conversation because she is doing so well in areas that this was just funny topically to discuss.

After the conference Kate and I headed to her gymnastics class. We spoke of Shad’s and my meeting with the teachers and a couple of the things they pointed out as well as how well she is doing in class. I brought up the discussion of confidently knowing left from right. I said Kate we should continue to work on left and right and knowing which is which. Her reply was:

Well, I know this is my left (and she holds up her left hand) and I know this is my right and she holds up her right hand. I thought, well, it seems she does in fact know, but then she kept talking. BUT, when I turn around this is my left, well my fake left and this is my right, my fake right. So, when I turn this way my fake right is on my right is that right? Ummmmmmmm….. what? Well, when I turn this way I think is my left but I think it’s really my right so it’s my fake right. Right?

Ummmm… I am still not sure. Actually, I think my head is still spinning and it’s two hours later.


3 thoughts on “Right from Left

  1. You tell Kate that she’ll go far in life because the only direction she needs is knowing where she wants her determination to take her…..and by the way, I still need to stop to think about my right from my left….too many other things going on in my head!

  2. you have one smart girl. She’s testing the concept of relativity. She just needs to know the point against which all things are relative is her! Oh, wait, she’s Kate…. she knows this already 😉

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