Next Top Model

Betsy Hansen Photography
Next Top Model

Today was Shea’s Christmas Party at school. She had no idea what that meant OR why she needed to bring a bag of marshmallows. When I asked Shea if I could take a photo of her Kate was right there to love and support her AND TEACH HER HOW TO POSE! “Shea, put your hands on your hips.” “Shea, put one foot out”, “Shea tilt your head.” Wow, I should consider bringing Kate when I shoot a wedding. She absolutely loves this stuff. I’m still trying to sign her up for basketball or something like that and she will have NOTHING to do with it. Oh well. They are cute and it seems like just yesterday Kate was this size and Reilly was doting on her. Bummer I’m so old, wouldn’t four kids be a blast!!!!


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