Shirley you can’t be serious

I am serious and stop calling me Shirley. (RIP Leslie)

Seriously though, if you have been reading my blog as of late you will understand why my morning nearly pushed me over the edge. Reilly decided that Kate didn’t really need to know how to shut off the toaster so he didn’t tell her, TORCHED her piece of toast which made her sob. She was at the bottom of the stairs telling me when she fell backwards on top of Nandi who ended up hurting her leg. She too is walking around on three legs now. Nandi is 11 and has back/rear leg problems so the 65lbs landing on top of her was NOT good.

Betsy Hansen Photography
It's not snowing in NYC anymore

Next, Shea comes in my bathroom as I am brushing my teeth. She’s got a lion, a penguin and a plastic snow globe that I bought her while in NYC; she is whining because she really wanted to lay in my bed with me (a new favorite thing to do). I told her I needed to bring Reilly to the bus stop but maybe we could do it tomorrow morning (knowing it’s Saturday). She turned around to leave the bathroom bumped into none other that Kate and the snow globe hit the floor. Shattered. Glitter all over the floor and water. Shea’s reaction? Didn’t move. Bottom line popped out. Kate said “It’s okay Shea Mom will get you another.” <sigh>



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