3 French Chicks

It’s been a great holiday season with the kids. From the Elf on the Shelf to The Polar Express train ride in Lincoln, to the PNOP emails, Gerald Dickens, Happy Tappers, gingerbread houses, Reilly singing in the church choir on Christmas Eve, and so much more. Kate single handedly rounded out the season with her rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas which you have got to take six minutes of your life to watch. It’s full of surprises and quite Virginia Wolfesque if I do say so myself. It’s no wonder why I adore them….


4 thoughts on “3 French Chicks

  1. Well Kate certainly didn’t need to announce to us that the “F-I-I-I-V-E GOLD RINGS!” part was her favorite….bun-dum-dum. ….and Miss Shea is like Miny Me.

  2. You should warn people not to watch while drinking– I almost spit out my hot choc. all over the laptop I was laughing so hard when she said “thats my favorite part” duhhhhh….I think you need to buy her a gold ring and tell her to leave us French Chicks out of it… ha ha

    1. Hot Chocolate on a laptop could have been bad… consider this a warning to all other readers. Happy New Year!

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