Clean Your Room

The girls know there are donuts and bagels waiting for them downstairs. Shad told them if they cleaned their room they could have them. Shea, as always, immediately requested help. Shad said “if you try I will help you, if you don’t try I can not help.” She didn’t budge then she a cried as she watched him go downstairs. In the meantime Kate, who forgot I was just feet away in another room starts talking to Shea.

Shea…… Sheaaaaaa……. Sheaaaaaaa…. Listen to me. Sheeeeeaaaaaaaa…… (Shea finally responded: Kate I am not looking at you.”) Kate continued on anyway because that made little to no sense to her. “Sheeeeeeaaaaa when was your age and Daddy asked me to try, I just tried a little and then it was okay. He helped me do the rest. Just try a little and that’s good.”

Shea decided on her own that she knew better than Kate and didn’t budge she just continued to tell Kate she was “not looking to her”.

About 20 minutes later Shea picked up the few items on the floor, made her bed (with help) and had her donut.


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