Not Skinny

I had just gotten out of the shower when the girls came in for a visit. Typically this is a petpeeve of mine because I crave the ten minutes alone in the shower on the weekends. It rarely happens and today was again a day it “didn’t happen”. Kate and Shea stood in the empty bathtub behind me as I brushed my hair, put lotion on, picked, poked and prodded as I got ready. Kate, being one of those honest children blurted out. “You are not skinny.” I yawned to myself because they are constantly asking me if I’m having another child. And trust me, in the world today, even though on a scale and according to doctors charts I fall into the obese category, I am not fat. I’m your average 5’4 size 8 woman who could stand to shed a few but doesn’t want to give up my Coke products and Buddy the Elf eating habits. It kind of struck me that Kate even notices these things but in addition to constant massages from her checking out curves and bumps she’s curious. So I replied, “hunh, I think I’m skinny. Actually, I think I’m perfect and so are you.” She paused for a moment … looked at herself and told me she was skinny. Then she looked at me, I mean really looked at me and with a guilty tone said “I mean… well… your head is skinny.” <long pause> “And, I think you head is skinny because it hasn’t had babies, the rest of you has and that’s why you are wide. Mom’s get wide after they have babies, right?”

With that I asked if she could go pick out a pair of socks for me and she did. 🙂


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