Kindergarten Pet

One of the most exciting programs in Kindergarten for both Reilly and now Kate is the week long adoption of Baxter the Bear. Reilly, being the first, we went to town. Baxter went EVERYWHERE with us and had special treatment for everything. From the high chair to the gps to the ski trip, he was treating better than one of our own. Next comes Kate. Kate brought Baxter home, she and Shea read a book to him (oops now her), she sat at dinner, climbed up in the top bunk with Kate and all her other stuff friends. YAK!!!! Baxter got vomited on at 2am the first night. Poor Kate who was struck with the flu came into our room at 2am (to Shad’s side of the bed). I hear her say “Daddy…”, “Daddy…..”, “Daddy….. I threw up  in my bed and it got on Baxter”. It wasn’t I don’t feel good or my stomach hurts or I have puke all over me, can you help? It was “I threw up on Baxter a little bit.”

For those of you who may know Baxter, you know that he arrives at the house with a letter that says under no circumstances do you put Baxter in the washing machine and keep Baxter away from your pet. Two rules. Pretty simple. It didn’t say anything about puke although I have to assume it’s not the first time something like this has happened. (side note: I am thankful the Baxter bears were purchased/replaced this year and Kate was the first one to bring her home) I got out of bed and found the poor stinky bear. He had just a little chunky monkey business on his front paw. I scrubbed, I combed, I drenched, I put hand sanitizer on, I soaped, I rinsed, I combed again and I lysoled the little guy and then I put him on the chair in my bedroom to dry. He/she was not to be touched till Kate was feeling better. Sunday comes and goes, Monday – holiday, comes and goes. I return the bear to Kate on Tuesday. She/he has a tea party, eats and apple, goes to the grocery store (we missed the skiing). On Thursday I send the bear with Shad to dance class. I asked Shad to take a photo (since her recap of the week was not going to be that exciting – nothing a little tap and ballet couldn’t cure). When they got home from dance Kate came in my office to tell me all about dance. I then asked if Dad took a photo of she and Baxter at dance. She said no. I asked again, same answer. I was frustrated and went down to ask Shad for myself. I couldn’t believe the bear was there but it didn’t occur to him to take a photo. I said “Did you take a photo of Kate and Baxter?” “No, I forgot” (steam beginning to come out of ears) Shad then said “Where IS Baxter?” Then it hit Kate “OH NO… I left Baxter at dance class!” The tears began….

Baxter was at the studio and we were able to take a photo of the two of them. School was canceled Friday because of the snow so we were able to take him skiing too. BUT good foster parents?? NOT SO MUCH!



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