Child Labor

I believe in it. In my own house that is. Although I don’t think my management style is the best. My child labor situations usually happen when I’m lying in bed and so is everyone else. Shea is in Shad’s spot talking incessantly and poking and prodding at my face – but I still don’t want to get up. I am often heard saying things like “Reilly, if you go let the dogs out I’ll give you a dollar.” He is my Alex P Keaton, so it usually works out to my advantage – although I am out a buck for it.

I know you are thinking “well he should do that to help anyway” BUT I feel like I’m not setting a very good example by not being up… so I set an even better one by bribing him. 🙂 Oh the give and take of parenting. 🙂

I’m pretty sure when I was young it was a quarter. But hey, it got me another 10 minutes of warm covers and a lot of dialogue from Shea.


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