Tiny Toes to Panty Hose


Tiny Toes to Panty Hose BHansen Photography
A segment staged on the dining room table.

I am pretty excited. I put up an exhibit today at the Wilton Town Library in the Rotunda Gallery representing my photography and photographic style. I decided that instead of the typical art in easels displays I see each month I would create a story with my work. The story, although it isn’t the best of the best of my photography (since all my shots don’t fit in this theme) it’s a chronicle of things that are super meaningful to me and I think I express well from behind the lens. I took shots ranging from infants feet through grandmas and tried to walk through the stages of being female. Obviously I have more emphasis on the child, the bride and the mom-to-be more than anything as those are the opportunities that have allowed me to express my eye the most. However. I tried to fill gaps with people that I could see that were experiencing something that was everyday as well as the once in a lifetime moments. I decorated (with the help of Kate, Kasey and my Mom) with props and pieces to connect the photographs together and giving life to the theme “Tiny Toes to Pantyhose”.

As an aside the Wilton Library is beautiful. It’s charming and full of character perched up on a hill in downtown overlooking the Souhegan River. They have spent the last several years investing (and continue to invest) in restoring this building. With the help of the historical society, donations and grants, they have done a wonderful job. If you’re in the area I would love you to see my work and the building. It’s worth the trip.



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