Valentine’s Day

BHansen Photography
Happy Valentine's Day

I was so psyched to find these super cool bean bags on sale at Land of Nod a few weeks ago. I even found a code that gave me free shipping which was HUGE on an order like this. The shipping was a bit annoying because they all arrived independently and one of the covers didn’t have the key to lock the zipper (so little people don’t pull out all the stuffing) but thankfully by ordering three I was covered. And, interestingly enough one of the boxes had been inspected by TSA and was all taped back up. I had never seen that before.

ANYWAY, I digress, for Valentine’s Day we got the kids these great bean bags and I had their names embroidered on them. When we finally gave them to them the kids were so excited. They weren’t just bean bag chairs, they were things to jump off of, they were things to stack, they were desks, they were doll beds and so much more. We were pretty psyched to give them something we wanted to give them that was special and not some big bag of candy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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