Tiny Dancer

Betsy Hansen Mother of the Year
Tiny Dancer

Shea is our newest little dancer. She’s a little young for her class at Kathy Blake Dance Studio but she thinks she’s just right. Who am I to argue with her? And, if you know Shea there is NO POINT in arguing with her. She will verbally beat you down until you cave – BUT that’s another story for another entry.

Shea loves showing her interpretation of first position. She also loves her teacher, Miss Liz (whom I adore too) who teaches her tap in addition to ballet. We watch her shuffle steps around the house and watch Kate correct her along the way, down the hall, up the stairs… pretty much anywhere she can pull the teacher card with someone.

This June will be her first recital and she is thrilled at the idea. She will be doing her shuffle step – keep practicing Shea Shea.



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