I Hate You

Today was yet another snow day. The kids are going to be in school until August at this rate. We have had so many cancelations; it’s been a very snowy winter. I thought I was planning smart this week, my Mom was going to take Shea today since she had planned to be home all day and I could have a totally quiet house. <note to self: check weather forecast when making babysitting alternative plans>

7:25am Shea goes with Shad to Peterborough – 2 hour delay planned

7:28am Pre-recorded message school has been changed to a cancellation; we go back to bed

8:30am Kate, Reilly and I get up

9:00am Kate wants to make her own lunch – I have no idea what is in her lunchbox other than it’s “peanut-free”

9:05am I shower; Kate eats breakfast

9:07am Kate comes in bathroom and whines that she needs a glass for juice

still 9:07 I tell Kate to ask Reilly to get a juice glass

still 9:07 “Reilly says he hates me.” “ohhhh, did you tell him that’s not a very nice thing to say? You should tell him that.” “Okay…”

now 9:08 or even 9:09am I’m rinsing my hair when Kate says “I didn’t get him the toilet paper….”

I thought to myself I might have said I hate you for that too. Who wants to waddle across the room holding your butt cheeks shut hoping that nothing pops out on the way to get a fresh roll? We have all had to do it but typically because there is NO one around, not because there is an unwilling five year old. Poor Reilly.





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