Mark on the Wall

Now that we have minimal hand wiping on the walls, fewer toys being run along the walls, less leaning, etc we decided to have the kitchen, the halls and the woodwork repainted. It looks sooooooo good. Nice and fresh.

Betsy Hansen
Mark on the Wall

It was yesterday that I saw it, the blue line – a crayon OR a colored pencil – about 4 inches long… about three feet off the ground. I inquired with each child. Just like when I was growing up “no one did it”. I was quite sure given the height of the mark, I knew who did it.

I shared the news with Daddy when he came downstairs. He immediately went to look at the mark on the wall. He too knew right away who was responsible. He turned to Shea and said “hey is this a colored pencil or a crayon mark?” Her response to Daddy was “oh, it was a crayon, a blue one”.

Mystery is over. Now I need to get out the Magic Eraser to see what I can do.



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