Soapy Pig

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Breakfast for Dinner

I love breakfast food. I love scrambled eggs and I love bacon. Shad made this super yummy bacon which I could have eaten the whole plate of. Actually, I should point out that I’m super picky about my bacon, especially when we make it. I want organic, I don’t want some tortured pig and I like it thick and slightly greasy. I have been more particular since I read some horrible article with photos in Rolling Stone magazine years ago about the inhumane pig farming down south. It was totally disturbing. I sometimes opt for naivete given the choice when it comes to food I like BUT… not this time. The picture in the blog link above only tells half the story. Anyway, to add to my media crazed entry, I was watching the food network with the kids and Rachel Ray (I know I know but this idea is a good one) and she said to cook it on a cooling rack in the oven – SO YUMMY as you can see. So, the point of this entry is we had super duper yummy breakfast food for dinner and as Shad offered the kids each some bacon Reilly said yes, Kate said yes and Shea said, no, I don’t like it, it has soap on it. Even after we told her it wasn’t soap she didn’t believe us. So, as Kate blotted the grease off, Reilly and I ate it, she just sat their saying “I don’t like soapy bacon, wash it off.”

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One thought on “Soapy Pig

  1. I’ll always remember the morning this article came up when we met for breakfast (we had both read it, but I had never really discussed with anyone). Like you, I’ll still eat bacon, but am picky where it comes from (I don’t care that Paula Deane is now spokesperson for Smithfield!) Here’s another cooking tip from Food Network — lay the bacon strips on parchment paper (still use a cooking tray!) and sprinkle lightly with brownsugar – then bake at 400 until desired, greasy/soapy doneness! 🙂

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