Catholic Guilt

It had to have been one of the first things my parents taught me, I mean really, before everything else. So many of those “God is watching you”, “God knows”, “See you deserved that…” etc. It’s just such a core part of me even though I try to shed it and come up with my own feelings – it always comes back and I always wonder why. I think I’m starting to figure it out. I had this conversation with my Mom tonight:

Mom: “I haven’t heard you talk about Monica lately”

Me: “Oh, well I’ll see her tomorrow at 8am at spinning class and I’ll be with her and you tomorrow afternoon.”

Mom: “Is that 8am spinning class before or after Church.”

Now granted her tact leaves a bit to be desired, but really?? So, I of course, get defensive and say something like “yah, nice chatting with you, talk to you later” and I try to hang up but that typically makes it even worse. So, I shouldn’t wonder any longer where it all comes from… it’s just there…. it probably started with her Mom and her Mom before that and her Mom before that and so on and so on.

I like being able to make my own choices but sometimes reverting to fifteen/twenty years ago makes me tweak out. I’m happy Shad has his own opinions and they don’t typically include “Catholic guilt”, he thinks it’s stupid.

Oh, I’ll save it for another time but… “don’t eat meat on Friday’s during Lent”; Shad wonders why fish isn’t considered meat.


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