Sad Child

B Hansen Photography
Poor Little Shea

This is what a child looks like who climbed up on the arm of the couch for the sixth time (after being asked five times to get down). On the sixth time she fell down and knocked over a full Nalgene bottle of water all over the desk. Water got all over the computer, the mouse, and all the stuff on the desk.

Shea is one of those kids you can’t even look at sternly or the lip comes out then she begins to cry. It is uncontrollable with Shad specifically – which is EXACTLY how I was with my Dad. Since the bottle tipped at the tail end of our family movie “Beezus and Ramona” and I had gotten sucked all they way in I let out a SHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA, go get a towel! when it happened. It’s the wrong thing to do with her, it debilitated her and she just sat there sobbing. She knew she was “in trouble” so she didn’t move when I busted out my camera, I’m pretty sure she’ll despise that camera later in life as a result of these documented times, but clearly these are moments worth capturing (in my opinion).


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