What are bus stops?

Long gone are the days a child can walk to the bus stop without a parent. I get it, I totally get it. There are some sick people out there and it’s not safe to let your child go alone. I just think it’s a shame that it isn’t like it used to be. Bus stops are meant to be a place where neighborhood kids hang out and wait to go to school. For me it was games of tag, sledding, making fun of, playing, kicking, talking, kickball, you name it. Now, it’s “let’s have Mom carry my backpack” and the most exciting thing is to be first in line. Wow. Bummer.

Where have the days gone of neighborhood dynamics? I remember playing in the street until it was too dark to see. All the kids were out. My Mom would just have to yell out the door that it was dinner time and we’d run home. I may not have appreciated it as much then as I do now. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia and observation that our kids are growing up in such a protected and cautious world and quite frankly I find it sad for them. The world of being connected is not longer about physical human connection, it’s virtual. Bleck.


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