I like your….

B Hansen Photography
Blowing Bubbles with Kate

The image has nothing to do with the post.. merely just eye candy for me. It’s a photo I took yesterday hanging out with Kate that I love and this is a post that happened yesterday that I love. Completely unrelated otherwise.

We went out for Mother’s Day Brunch. It was a first. Shad’s Dad and Kasey are in town and the kids seem old enough to be able to go out for that kind of thing so Shad made reservations for brunch. It was so thoughtful AND they had a chocolate fountain. See where I’m going here? Anyway, it’s Mother’s Day so when the kids had to go the bathroom Shad took them so I could continue grazing as long as humanly possible. Shea had to go. I should note, that Shea and Kate love to pick restaurants to do #2 in – which is perfectly fine except it’s the difference between a hot meal and a cold one. Anyway, the other thing I should point out is Shea is finding the most positive reaction from people when she shares, or she says something nice. She spends a lot of time telling me she likes what I’m wearing right down to each earring, my eye color, every detail. You will see how this ties together in just a second. Rewind. Shea has to go the bathroom; Shad takes her; I eat. So Shea and Shad are in the bathroom and Shea says to Shad in the stall as he’s finishing up “I like your shirt”, “thank you Shea”, “I like your pants”, “thank you Shea”, ” I like your underwear”, “thank you Shea”, “I like your privates”. Ahhh, yah, back to the table. These comments along with random ones I get can be totally embarrassing in a restroom with other people. They are right up there with the “Are you pooping?”


2 thoughts on “I like your….

  1. Long shot here…I saw a really cute post on youtube about Kindergarten Goodbye song at a graduation. I think you posted it? If so, is there anyway you could send along the artist who wrote the song or pass my request along to the teacher of the Kindergarten class. I also teach Kindergarten and would love to use this song. Thanks!

    1. Mr Al’s Back to School cd artist is listed as Stephen Fite. Does that help? Sorry if it’s too late.

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