Nearing the end of Kindergarten

Kate is nearing the end of Kindergarten. On June 10 she will graduate and move to the public school system. She has had such a blast and has grown so much this year. She is hosting an “author’s tea” next week and Shad and I will have the opportunity to sit at a tea with her while she reads her book. I believe the title is “The ballet dancer” and it’s about her having dinner. I will have to wait until next week to be sure.
She is adding, subtracting, graphing, reading, tying her shoes, learning to be diplomatic with friends (not siblings, but friends) and so much more. She has the best personality and really goes with the flow of things and doesn’t get tied to anyone in particular but accomplishes what she wants. She is fun to watch and fun to see her learn – she is so much like a sponge right now.
I look forward to her graduation but man, she is growing so fast. When all those parents over the last few years said “oh enjoy it, it goes so fast” I couldn’t see it. Now… it’s flying by!


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