I AM Mother of the Year

You may have wondered how I could be a self-appointed Mother of the Year. And if you have, well… wonder NO MORE… the following is to support my nomination as well as my award if you had any doubts.
Kate had a gymnastics meet today, her first ever, but… that’s another story for another post. The point is, we got home after 11pm last night, her meet was at 9am and then she and Reilly had a two and a half hour play rehearsal in the afternoon. It was a full dress rehearsal and it was a busy day. I was running around trying to pull together sections of the costumes that they needed to bring, trying to make them eat and trying to avoid any possible meltdowns. They had just spent the hour before chasing one another with a garden hose and soaking each other. As a result of all the commotion Shea woke up – PREMATURELY – which if you know Shea is not a good combination.
Okay, back to my point, I’m running around finding costume parts, Shad is helping to feed, I walk down the front hall and am totally annoyed that all the closet doors are open and my view into the kitchen I see all the cabinets ajar. I think we look ghetto when we leave everything open so I start shutting. I shut the front hall closet sliding doors and I shut the pantry and head into the kitchen. No sooner had I entered the kitchen I hear “Hey… Mom… you shut the door on me…” and I hear weeping. I open the pantry door and Shea in all her smallness was tucked inside with a toaster pastry in her hand and she began to sob. “YOU shut the closet door on me, I was inside… WHY did you do that?” I had to press her right into a hug because I was laughing so hard I did not want her to see my face. I apologized profusely and looked across the room to see Shad and Reilly and their inaudible laughs and amazed looks on their faces and Kate with a truly sympathetic face for Shea.
I looked directly at Shad with this look that said without words “I CAN NOT BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT!!!” to which he replied (audibly) “Nice job Mom, that’s one for the blog.”


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