Stanley Cup Playoffs

Shea put a Bruins jersey on over her dress today. Reilly has Bruins garb on (including my favorite hat). I have a B’s t-shirt on and I do believe Shad brought a Bruins facemask to work. We like the Bruins. The only thing better than a game 7 Stanley Cup final with the Bruins in it would be if their opponent were the Sharks over the Canucks. But hey, it’s fun either way.

We have been watching the games and Shea and Reilly are completely aware and Kate could careless. She likes to know the outcome but doesn’t really care about anything else. A bit like her Uncle Jeff if I do say so myself.

That being said she woke up and this morning and said to me:

The Bruins are going to win tonight. 

Really, how do you know that, the game hasn’t been played yet?

Well … Reilly Googled it last night and it told him they would win. 

UPDATE: 12:22am 6/16

Clearly I need an update … 4-0… the Bruins DID win. Someone/something was right. Kate thinks it’s “Google” I’m sure. 


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