Lyme Disease

So, I can’t remember if I blogged about Lyme disease. I tested positive a couple years ago. I don’t even remember the tick bite but I remember when things started to get weird which eventually lead me down the path to get tested. I went on several weeks of antibiotics which seems to have removed any symptoms I was having. I would say I’m more self aware of the disease. We live in New Hampshire which has the largest population of lyme disease in the country. It’s here more than anywhere. Ticks are in the house probably more often than spiders because we live in a very tree/wooded area, we have dogs that become public transportation systems for the ticks and we hike a lot. All things that contribute to the statistics of getting bitten.

Shea has an awful allergy to bug bites. She had a massive infection from one this year that sent her into the doctors and on antibiotics for two weeks. The two infections she had her skin actually ruptured from the pressure – looked similar to third degree burns. We watch her very closely. She has this circle the size of a quarter on her arm that I have been watching for several weeks. Her disposition has not been normal lately so I have decided to put 2 and 2 together. I’m not even sure 2 and 2 needed to go together but I put them there anyway. I brought her in to have the circle looked at. At first the doc said “nah, I don’t think so” but then we talked about the 10 day treatment to which he felt could have kept the quarter size rash at the size it is. He sent in for lab work.

I didn’t tell Shea what we were doing at the next office (lab). I only told her she was going to get another sticker when we were done. We are lucky, she hasn’t had blood drawn since she was an infant. Two phlebotomists come in and I hold her in the chair. One of them holds her arm, the other tries to draw the blood. Shea watched with intensity. When she heard “you are going to feel a pinch” and the pinch came the humongous tears followed along with the sobbing. I felt so sad for her. I know in the grand scheme of things she is lucky but I still felt so sad… I just hugged her.

I could tell the new doctor people were no longer on her friend list. She collected her sticker and we left quickly to head to Daddy’s office in the other building. When we met Daddy Shea blurted out “They poked a hole in me and took out all my blood.”

I should have the results tomorrow. I’m hoping her disposition is attributed to “growing pains” but with my acute awareness to lyme (b/c mine went so long untreated) I would rather poke a hole in her and rule it out than worry about “what if?”.


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