Finding Your Center

A phone shot, but I like it anyway...

I think about “finding my center” all the time. I am constantly on a quest to find it, both physically and emotionally/spiritually. There are so many contributors to the things that bring balance to me and I feel like along my journey and they change constantly. I also believe that if the core or foundation is strong then things balance you out as you go.

The thing that reminded me of my center most recently was my bike ride this weekend. Ali, Chris, Shad and I rode the Kancamangus Highway. It’s a tough and fairly long ride. The four mile descent at a 7% grade on the way over to Conway is both liberating and nerve wracking. I find that being on my bike “frees” me in so many ways. It frees me to think and zone and appreciate everything around me.  I love the challenge of a hill and the thrill of a downhill and the open road where I see nothing but the horizon ahead. I love the freedom that my mind finds while my legs work there way in a constant circle. I love finding the perfect slipstream behind Shad and just watching his legs spin and knowing that we are doing the exact same thing – together. Sometimes it’s my perfect place. This weekend was one of those times. I pushed him at times and he pushed much more of the time. It was peaceful and amazingly difficult – funny I can put those words in the same sentence describing one experience. It was just right and my center.

As I continue on my quest to stay centered and keep my balance in my life, I completely appreciate my family and friends and my career and hobbies that grant me the experiences to continue down the path. The path leads to 360 degree contentment…. my center….


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