I love Seth Meyers segment “Really” on Saturday Night Live. I don’t watch as much anymore but you might recall my post a couple years ago on the topic. Today was one of those days that he could make a segment about:

We were in a pickle today with childcare because our typical person wasn’t able to help with less than 24 hours notice. REALLY?  I had MD appts that were a top priority and Shad had taken off work to be with me. Mom to the rescue, thank goodness. She rallied to get the kids to the swim meet at 7:30am and hung in there while we did our thing. I know I put her out but she knows I was desperate today to have everything fit into place. Thankfully I have a rockin boss who is totally understanding so that helped with the work scenario.

I am thinking the kids sensed something was up. So on top of the “Kate didn’t swim” posts, they were pretty much on their worst behavior once my Mom left. I couldn’t find the floor in their rooms so I figured cleaning their rooms was a good project. REALLY?  I asked them all to go up and pick-up while I worked. Reilly did and was back with me just about 15 minutes. His room was worse than the girls and it was already clean. An hour later after many “tattling” incidents Reilly checked their room for me, he said it was a mess. They said it was clean. REALLY? I told them to go back and clean. Another hour passed, I asked how it was, they said “it’s so much cleaner” I went up to check. I almost lost my mind. First, there were towels all over the floor with high heels on top of the towels. Perplexed I knelt down and felt the towels – they were drenched! REALLY? I screamed for Kate and I was pretty mad.

“Kate, why are these towels all wet?”

“Well, Shea and I were playing pool with the Barbies and it all just spilled, just a little though.”

“We have been through this, do NOT bring cups of water into your room.”

“I know, it was an axe-ident.”

“Why do you have Nannies hand-me-down high heels on the towels”

“Because it’s shoes on it to get up the water like when I stand on a towel to get up the water so the shoes are helping get up all the water, right???”

smoke coming out of ears, I’m in awe….


I still can’t see the floor in their room, actually it’s even worse than before.

Reilly is now at theater camp, I go to photo club. Shortly after being at photo club I get a text: “The girls have put their ink stamps on the bottom of their feet and walked all over the upstairs. It’s red ink on the carpet, what would you do?” I was thankful I was 15 minutes away but was feeling really badly for Shad.

I leave a little early from photo club, I pick up Reilly from Monica/Camp and head home. Shad asked Reilly to take the dog out. For whatever reason, after arguing with him on whether or not he actually had to do it, he opens the garage doors and goes out through the garage instead of our normal routine of using the front door. Menlo pees all over the garage. Reilly doesn’t tell us until he comes in and when he does it sounds something like this “I’m hungry, Menlo pee’d all over the garage, but I rinsed it off.” REALLY?

Shad goes out for a run a bit later. The hose is in the garage. Reilly sprayed the hose in the garage and drenched everything. Yes, EVERYTHING. REALLY?

I have to leave it at that and go to bed. It’s been a long day…. Really.


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