Strike three … who’s out?

Well, the final meet which was a “fun meet” at Jasper Valley  has come and gone. Kate did not swim. Apparently she had many willing volunteers to be in the lane with her and a coach that deserves a huge hug for being so tolerant and patient. Hopefully Kate is okay with what she did (practices) and what she didn’t (compete) do on swim team. I think the crowd is intimidating to her and the parallel of a dance recital doesn’t seem analogous to her.

Shad and I have resigned – we are no longer frustrated that she didn’t jump in. We realize that she was not ready to compete that way and only hope that it does not impact her next year.

HOWEVER, she will be writing her coach Molly (God love her!) a note because she “promised” her  that she would swim in the final meet. We told Kate if she makes a promise, she has to KEEP that promise. She made it and it’s hers. Oddly, she seemed to understand that and said “I know, I did promise.”

Soooooo…. Reilly rocked in the meet. He placed first in his heat for backstroke which he was thrilled about. He tried butterfly and breast which were both new to him and he tried the 50 free. Good for him! He has told me a number of times how much he loves swim team. Awesome.


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