5 Things your six year old doesn’t know

about massage therapy.

  1. Massage therapists come to the house to give massages.
  2. Massage therapists have black and leopard print sheets.
  3. Massage therapists have the babysitter naked between those sheets.
  4. Massage therapists touch the babysitter in the toy room when it’s dark to music.
  5. Massage therapists have tattoos and earrings.
Let me explain.
At the Timberman Triathlon last weekend a few of us took advantage of the free massage following the race. It was the second race where I had seen Rob, the massage therapist, and one of us got worked on by him. Afterward a few of us decided to see if he would travel if we got a group together. Yes, he would.
Fast forward to yesterday. Our sitter Caitlin celebrated her birthday this past weekend, in fact, it was while we were racing.I asked her if she would be interested in a massage as a birthday present. Yes, she was. Caitlin, made us a party of five for Rob.
Fast forward to today. Caitlin comes over at 5:30, Rob shortly thereafter. Reilly and Shad are at soccer and Chris and Ali would be over in a bit. The girls and I went downstairs in the basement (the toy room) where Rob was setting up. They got to talk to him and watch him set up his table and put the sheets on. One of the five sets. The first set on was a leopard print with a black top sheet. The rest were a bit more neutral. We left Caitlin with Rob and the girls and I discussed how we would be quiet and not go downstairs.
We headed upstairs to my room. I figured the tv would be a good distraction. Then… Nandi started barking and wanted to come in, I asked Kate to let her in. Nandi came limping up the stairs and I was chatting with Shea. After a few minutes I realized Kate had not returned. I flew down the stairs b/c I just knew. I knew she HAD to go down to the basement and sure enough when I got to the basement stairs she was coming out of the stairway and shutting the door behind her. She was wide-eyed, looked at me nervously and said “WHAAATT??” I was floored. (okay, I borrowed that from my Mom) Anyway, I grabbed her hand and we went up the stairs. I let her know that I was very mad she didn’t listen to me and went to the basement.
In Caitlin’s words… “I heard the door open and knew someone was coming down, I looked up and Kate was standing there, she waved at me and went back upstairs.” I suppose that is harmless on one level — but not on the level of how would a massage therapist in my basement with her sitter make sense to a 6-year old.

Tough one to explain… I took the find parenting path of just being mad at her for not listening. Mother of the Year I tell ya!


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